Annually held on November 10th, the United Nations recognizes the World Science Day for Peace and Development. The central purpose of this day is to mainly highlight the relevance and importance of science in our daily lives. It focuses on the significant role that science plays in society and to further strengthen public awareness of that function.

When one hears of science, they may automatically think of experiments in a lab or conducting various tests. Science however, should not only be linked to doctors or chemists. It should be seen as simply gaining knowledge about the world that we live in. Its aim is to ensure that citizens throughout the globe are kept informed of developments in science or any other emerging scientific issues.

Science and Society

The theme for this year concentrates on “Science for and with Society in dealing with the global pandemic.” The UN Agency has thus endeavored to bring science closer to society. This is done through promoting international scientific cooperation and supporting ecological reconstruction.

Despite the significant progress made in the field of science, much disparity still exists throughout the world. This is especially evident in developing countries, such as the one in which we reside in. This is mainly because there is limited access to technology and innovation. This lack makes it challenging for individuals in those countries to enjoy the benefits of scientific advances. A need therefore arises to close this gap and to make scientific research and data available to all.

As your constituency representative, I encourage you to participate in the acknowledgement of this day. It can simply be engaging in healthy discussions about the impact of science in your lives, or sharing your thoughts on how science can help to bring about worldwide peace. 

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