World Mother Earth Day 22nd April: “When Mother Earth sends us a message”

Mother earth is sending us a message that our forest and seas are in desperate need of saving.  Global climate has changed and everyday our planet is getting hotter. As we acknowledge World Mother Earth Day, we the inhibitors of this beautiful planet ought to adjust our actions to stop destroying it.

Our universal abuse of natural resources has created an imbalance, which can cause global extinction. Over five hundred species have become extinct within the last hundred years and if we do not act timely, they will cease to exist. Humans will follow, as there is a circle of life that has been broken. However, there is hope but we need to act now. We can avoid this fate by restoring our earth and bring back the balance that is needed for survival.

We can begin by addressing a critical area which is our forest. Our forest provides clean air, water and it regulates the climate. If we restore the forest, we can save our planet. But what can one person do? We can start by planting more trees. Trees help clean the air provides food, shelter and medicine. In addition, trees remove carbon dioxide from the air, storing it while releasing oxygen in the atmosphere thus helping reverse the effects of climate change.

Let us do our best to shift to a sustainable economy that will benefit both people and the planet.

“We must act decisively to protect our planet from both the coronavirus and the existential threat of climate disruption.”UN Secretary-General António Guterre.

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