World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021: Creativity and Innovation in Problem-Solving

‘World Creativity and Innovation Day’ (WCID) was designated by the United Nations to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development. Creativity and Innovation opens up opportunities in problem-solving that inspires unlikely perspectives.

By engaging in artistic and expressive activities, children develop confidence in their abilities to innovate. Innovative practices encourage a culture of continuous learning, growth and personal development. This innovative environment can therefore motivate people to constantly improve. This innovation is necessary today to find solutions for and develop a more sustainable world.

The UN urges the world on this #WCID to embrace the idea that innovation is essential for harnessing the economic potential of nations. They go on to explain that innovation, creativity and mass entrepreneurship can provide new momentum for economic growth and job creation. It can provide solutions to some of the most pressing problems such as poverty eradication and the elimination of hunger.

Throughout the past week, many of you shared your remarkable and unique ideas to enhance Mayaro to be ideal tourist destination. MP Paray is intrigued to be perusing these proposals and will certainly consider your recommendations by making representation on your behalf in the best interest of the constituency. We anticipate working together to boost our local brand of Mayaro!

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” – Albert Einstein     

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