“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.”
It is therefore a necessity to ensure that the rights of each child are promoted and substantially upheld. In pursuit of this aim, the United Nations thereby initiated the Universal Children’s Day in 1954 now known as World Children’s Day and observed each year on the 20th of November.

Across the world, approximately 1 billion children experience multidimensional poverty. This indicates a severe lack of the basic life amenities which directly translates into a deprivation of a multitude of children’s rights. In keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals, the UN places emphasis on the improvement of a child’s welfare through education. It is a basic human right, therefore, it becomes the responsibility of everyone to advocate for affordable and accessible education to all.

The Importance of Children’s Day

The younger generation should therefore have a right to life, to health, to not be discriminated against, protected from violence and to have their views heard. Ultimately, highlighting the various issues surrounding children globally and thereby seeking to alleviate is the central purpose of this awareness. The United Nations suggested the observance of this day to further propel the wellbeing of youth around the globe. Securing a positive future for the world begins with the enforcement of children’s rights. The kids of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

As the Member of Parliament and a father, I encourage the celebration of this day. It presents the opportunity to invest directly into our future. Through my experience, I understand the seriousness and the priority that should be placed upon a child’s upbringing. The onus is therefore upon the parents to help children in knowing their rights and ensure it is carried out. Furthermore, the world must come together to continuously structure an environment conducive to children through our dialogue and actions.

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