Arising out of the meeting held between the Minister of Public Utilites Mr. Marvin Gonzales and Mayaro MP Mr. Rushton Paray, a meeting was convened to determine a way forward to bring water service to the La Salle Community, Biche.

Accompanied by Ms. Charleen Moona, Councillor for the Biche Electoral District, the meeting was hosted with WASA Officials at the Mayaro Constituency Sub-Office Biche to engage members of the community bring assessed.

In attendance were representatives from the Water and Sewage Authority; Mr. Anand Jaggernath, Head of Engineering Operations, Mr. Emilio Lopez, District Manager for Mayaro, and Mr. Hayden Harper, WASA Engineer for the Mayaro Constituency. The community was represented by Mr. Gideon Mohammed, Mr. Anthony Morales and Mr. Nixon Khan.

La Salle Trace is home to approximately three hundred residents who currently survive on three communal water tanks placed throughout the village. However, Councillor Moona highlighted that for the past four months these tanks were neglected to be filled. The Councillor also took the opportunity to ask WASA to look at a few areas where a couple streets are in need of pipeline infrastructure to augment areas already serviced by WASA.

The meeting was then followed by a site visit to La Salle Road where the WASA team got a look at the layout of the Community. An agreement was made to have a technical and commercial plan done and submitted to WASA for consideration.

In the interim, MP Paray appealed for the implementation of more communal tanks and for a regular supply of water to the tanks that can promptly assist the residents of LasSalle Trace and its wider community whilst a long term structured plan is being developed.

MP Paray was optimistic on the development of these plans to improve water distribution throughout the Biche community.

In his appeal, MP Paray asked the WASA Team to look beyond the initial infrastructure cost to bring the water in, but to look at the economic benefit to the Biche Community.

The La Salle community is growing rapidly due to the availability of low cost property. Having water will encourage more housing development for low and middle income persons, leading to the economic development in Biche via new business developments ( shopping, hardware, Pharmacies, restaurants etc) and the overall provision of job opportunities to facilitate the development.

In closing , MP Paray expressed his gratitude to the representatives from WASA, the community representatives and to Councillor Moona for their efforts and assistance in making today’s site visit a productive one.