Thousands of residents in the electoral constituency of Mayaro would endure a miserable Christmas without a supply of water unless the Water and Sewerage Authority brings urgent relief.  The residents have suffered for weeks, in some instances, without the essential commodity, and I fervently appeal to WASA to end their distress in time for the season of cheer and merriment. 

The affected communities include Guayaguayare, Mayaro, Ortoire, Mafeking, Biche, San Pedro, Rest House, Poole Village, Bristol and St. Anns.  Other areas without water are: Dades Extension 1, 2 and 3, Riverside Road, Lazarri Road, Legendre, Bangladesh, Stone Bright, La Savanne and La Brea. 

The misery that residents are undergoing seems to suggest that WASA has selected these south-eastern communities to face gross discrimination and anguish.  Many householders do not have a drop of pipe-borne supply to carry out domestic chores and for caring for infants and the elderly.  Business places, including guest houses and other hospitality facilities, have also had dry taps for weeks.  

Repeated reports to the Authority have not yielded any results. WASA has not even responded to appeals to repair burst mains and to remedy other issues with local distribution. There is no evidence of backhoes and other equipment at work on WASA sites. 

To the residents of these communities it appears that the more things change at WASA, the worse the water flow gets in their taps. 

The new Minister of Public Utilities, the installation of another Board of Directors at WASA and the Cabinet Committee on the Authority have brought no relief to the affected communities. 

Today, I make a public passionate plea for WASA to please adopt the goodwill of the season and to end the residents’ hardship and torment. This is a Christmas gift that the long-suffering residents deserve. 

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