Economic hardships are far-reaching, especially affecting rural communities like Mayaro.  

Even so, parliamentary representative, Rushton Paray is making the best of what he has for his community. 

Most recently on World Diabetes Day, Paray visited the Nariva/Mayaro Satellite Dialysis Unit at Rio Claro. The United Nation’s theme for this year focused on the significant role nurses play in assisting and advising those diagnosed with diabetes and renal failure.  

MP Paray extended his appreciation and gratitude by presenting fruit baskets as a small token to the nursing and ancillary staff on the occasion. 

Paray has also been working to ensure that students in his constituency are well-connected through joint efforts with businesses in the area. 

Paray donated six Toshiba Windows 8 tablets and headphones to Acting Vice Principal of Rio Claro East Secondary School, Nicholas Cooper. The Member of Parliament advised that these tablets were better suited for mature student as they are full Windows mini computers. 

Rio Claro West wasn’t forgotten as Paray was able to donate networking equipment to support desktop computers for students of that school.  

Principal Preston Kissoon was very appreciative for the MP’s timely support to his school. 

While there, they discussed several initiatives and suggestions for blended education going forward. 

Paray has also provided food support and flood relief to constituents in need.  

He also ensured that despite being unable to cross a physical stage, students were rewarded for making it through the school year. 

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