On behalf of the Office of the Member of Parliament Mayaro, I wish the Government of The Federal Republic of Germany best wishes on this most auspicious occasion of German National Day.

The history of your country is steeped in stories of struggle, determination, togetherness, brotherhood and hope.

Your country’s desire for a better and stronger Germany bore fruit in 1990.

A jealous world looked anxiously, as a United Germany positioned itself to be the next European powerhouse.  That you have accomplished, and it is that we must envy. It is your story of struggle the we in the Caribbean must strive to emulate.

I had the good fortune of spending one month in your beautiful town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the Marshall Centre for European Studies.  During my stay, I experienced the acceptance of diversity, the beauty of your landscape, the efficiency of your systems, the feeling of safety and security and most importantly, the love, warmth and respect of the German People. That I will never forget.

On behalf of the Constituency of Mayaro, I wish for the continued success of Her Excellency Ute Koenig and her team the German Embassy in Port of Spain. May a United Germany continue to prosper always.

Hon. Member of Parliament for Mayaro

Rushton V. Paray