6th April, 2021

Media Statement from Rushton Paray, Member of Parliament for Mayaro. 


I am extremely saddened by the two drowning that took place at Mayaro beaches during the Easter weekend. I extend my deepest condolences to relatives and friends of the deceased. 

Fire officer Steven Marcano, who lost his life while attempting to rescue bathers, deserves posthumous praise and acknowledgement from the national authorities. 

It is noteworthy that while lifeguards were on duty throughout the weekend, both drowning took place where no lifeguards were stationed. 

While it is impossible to patrol the entire 17 miles of beaches, I have made repeated requests to the Government to designate safe bathing zones along the Mayaro-Manzanilla stretch. These zones should comprise of lifeguards, medics, parking facilities, security officers, washrooms, concessionaires and shoreline maintenance. 

These zones would be much easier to manage, operate and fund, since they could generate income from self-sufficiency of the service providers. The zones would provide immeasurable security and comfort to beach-goers. 

I once more plead with the Government to establish these one-stop zones, which would reassure bathers of safety and relaxation in the last primary resource along the eastern seaboard that is available to generate economic activity. 

This project should be treated as a national priority and be actively supported by the Ministries of National Security and Tourism. 

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